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Mynavi adopted Cyber Security Cloud’s service for automation of AWS WAF operations “WafCharm”

Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mynavi Corporation has adopted its service for automation of AWS WAF operations "WafCharm".


■ Reasons for adoption
AWS WAF is a cloud-based web application firewall provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services), that helps protect web applications against common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. While AWS WAF has features that allow it to be customized to the characteristics of a web application, there are also challenges, such as the need to create and tune rules on your own, and the need for expertise and resources to deal with new vulnerabilities.

While Mynavi had been using AWS WAF for some time, the company has decided to introduce WafCharm, provided by CSC, in order to solve these issues and strengthen cybersecurity. WafCharm is an automatic rule (signature) management service for AWS WAF using AI, and is the No. 1 *1 AWS WAF automation service in Japan with the largest no. of users for an AWS WAF automated operation service. It is equipped with an AI engine that uses machine learning to automatically apply the most appropriate WAF rules to AWS WAF, utilizing big data of more than 1.3 trillion data to automatically apply the most appropriate rules for each user. This frees users from web application security measures in an AWS environment, allowing users to focus more resources on their business.

■ Comment from a Mynavi Representative
As more and more services are adopting AWS as their platform, there is a need to maintain a certain level of security while reducing the operational burden. WafCharm is a service that automatically tunes AWS WAF signatures, so we decided to adopt it as it met our needs.

■ About WafCharm
WafCharm is an AI-based automatic rule (signature) management service for AWS WAF, which has the largest number of installed users in Japan*1. It is equipped with an AI engine "WRAO" *2(Patent No. 6375047) that automatically selects the most optimal WAF rules using machine learning, based on trillions of Big Data cultivated through in-house developed cloud-based WAF “Shadankun”, which has No. 1 adoption rate in Japan. *3

The cyber threat information monitoring team of security researchers "Cyhorus" responds quickly to the latest threats, and by offering individual customization by top-class security engineers with flexible services tailored to the needs of customers, WafCharm has made AWS WAF operations easier for users. It is available to over 1 million AWS users in over 190 countries.

For more information, please visit https://www.wafcharm.com/en/

■ About Mynavi Corporation
Name: Mynavi Corporation
Date of Establishment: August 15, 1973
Head Office: 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0003, Japan
President and CEO: Nobuyuki Nakagawa

■ About Cyber Security Cloud, Inc.
With an aim to create a secure cyberspace that people around the world can use safely, Cyber Security Cloud provides web application security services worldwide using the world's leading cyber threat intelligence and AI technology. CSC is also certified as the 7th AWS WAF Managed Rules Seller in the world by AWS (Amazon Web Service) which boasts a 47.8% global cloud market share. *4
As a leading cybersecurity company, CSC plans to continue to strive to improve and develop new technologies and aim to be a company that can deliver effective security solutions to contribute to the information revolution.

For more information, please visit https://www.cscloud.co.jp/en/

*1: Japan Marketing Research Organization (JMRO) Survey Summary: FY07/2020_Actual survey
*2: Only compatible with AWS WAF Classic.
*3: Market research on "cloud-based WAF services" (as of June 16, 2019) [Research by ESP Research Institute (May 2019 to June 2019)]
*4: Gartner(July 2019)・・・Worldwide Iaas Public Cloud Services Market Share, 2017-2018 (Millions of U.S. Dollars)