About the function

  • Q. What is WafCharm?

    A. AWS WAF rules are automatically operated by AI. AI will set the optimum rule for customers’ site.
  • How often are rules updated?

    Blacklists are updated every 5 minutes, the optimization of the rules themselves will change according to the amount of data affecting the trend so please consider it as one day unit.
  • Is there a way to check the effects safely with running services?

    Yes, in AWS WAF, COUNT mode and BLOCK mode can be specified for each rule . On WafCharm’s dashboard, you can use it in detection mode by specifying COUNT for WAF Action.
  • In [If a request does not match any rule, take the default action] on AWS WAF Web ACL , what does [Default action] do?

    Decide how to handle requests that did not match the rule. Please set Allow since it is a normal request that does not match the rule.
  • Is it necessary to set rules on the created Web ACL?

    There is no need for setting.
  • Is it possible to set rules on my web ACL by oneself?

    Yes. It is possible. Registration rules from WafCharm have wc- attached to prefix. Since it ignores WafCharm if it is a name other than this, we will not delete or modify your rule.
  • Is it possible to check the response data?

    We are sorry, in our specification AWS WAF can not be examined about response.

About introduction

  • Please tell me about implementation requirements

    Since AWS WAF can be used with CloudFront or ALB (Application Load Balancer), use of these is essential. Also, in order to update rules using the API, it is necessary to register IAM’s AccessKey.
  • Is trial possible?

    A free trial of 2 weeks is possible, so please contact us.

About contract / payment

  • Please tell me how to make the contract when using

    By choosing a plan on the WafCharm management screen and registering a credit card, the contract is created.
  • Is there only credit card payment

    Entry plan will be paid by credit card. If you need an invoice payment for the entry plan, please use it via WafCharm sales partner.
  • Please tell me the payment website

    At the end of the month in use, you will have to pay for the next month. The usage start month will be calculated on a daily basis.
  • I want to check the current number of web requests

    You can check it with WafCharm management screen or AWS Management Console.
    In case of the WafCharm management screen, the number of web requests for the current month, last month, and the month before last are displayed on the Account page from the menu on the upper right corner.
    In the AWS Management Console, “Price per HTTP request”, “1,713,241 Requests”, “$ 1.03” are displayed in “Any” of Billing> Invoice> WAF item or on the region in use.

About support

  • Can we get support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

    Business plan has full support of 24/365. Regarding the entry plan, we will handle it within business hours.
  • In cases of false detections, is customization of special rules possible?

    Yes. It is possible.
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