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Why WafCharm

See why AWS users are choosing WafCharm with AWS WAF.

WafCharm Customers Stats

  • 99%

    users continue to use WafCharm with their AWS WAF.

  • 75%

    running and maintenance cost of AWS WAF are reduced.

  • 90%

    attacks are blocked by AWS WAF and WafCharm.

  • The data above is based on review and the calculation of CSC

How does WafCharm work?

This is how Wafcharm works This is how Wafcharm works

What makes WafCharm different?

  • Additional Layer of Protection

    Additional Layer of Protection

    WafCharm is an automated managed service that sits on top of your AWS WAF to simplify and strengthen your firewall protection.

  • Full Automation

    Full Automation

    WafCharm automatically configures, curates and update rules for AWS WAF to keep your AWS environment safe at all time.

  • Prompt Vulnerability Response

    Prompt Vulnerability Response

    Rules of WafCharm are updated immediately when new vulnerabilities arise. In December 2021, vulnerability called Apache Log4J was automatically dealt within 48 hours after the announcement.

  • Reducing False Positives

    Reducing False Positives

    With WafCharm, false positives are greatly reduced by configuring the rules in AWS WAF. Your AWS environment is safe while normal traffic won’t be blocked.

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

    24/7/365 Technical Support

    Experiencing problems with WafCharm or AWS WAF? No worries! Security experts of Cyber Security Cloud are always here for you.

  • Easy to Manage

    Easy to Manage

    No new platform or suite of technology to deploy. WafCharm can be managed from AWS WAF dashboard.

WafCharm is the offical partner of AWS

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Start your best security experience with WafCharm. Start your best security experience with WafCharm.