WafCharm(ワフチャーム)|AIによるAWS WAFのルール自動運用サービス

Managing your AWS WAF with AI, like magic.


What is WafCharm?

Innovative WAF operation service by AI using hundreds of billions of big data

Utilizing hundreds of billions of big data

No.1 WAF business in Japan
Suggestion of new WAF operation

It is a new service of “Cyber Security Cloud ", Web securzity business that develops and operates " kogeki shadankun"(attack blocker)No. 1 cloud-type WAF business recommended by 100 listed companies including NTT Docomo, SBI Securities, ANA, etc
Utilizing hundreds of billions of big data

AI is perfect for all customers

Based on most newly updated attack information and hundreds of billions of big data accumulated in "kogeki shadankun" (rated to be No.1 in Japan by over 4000 websites) , AI automatically determine and provide the best optimal signature in accordance with customer's system structure and access status. The solutions to new vulnerabilities is also automatically updated (We are now applying for Patent)

Utilizing hundreds of billions of big data

Complete support system that can be done
because we develop it inside own company

With technical support system 24 hours a day 365 days, we can flexibly respond to customers’ specialized customization * 1. We will provide the highest quality support in all of Japan that achieves a continuation rate of 99% * 2.

3 benefits when using WafCharm

  • Stable operation of AWS WAF
    AI checks access to your web site 24 hours a day, 365 days, applies and updates the optimum signature according to the situation to AWS WAF. Response to new vulnerabilities is also automatically updated, so it is always possible to operate a secure web site.
  • Centralized management with AWS management console
    Customers can switch signature to invalid or valid by AWS management console. You can also check the signature application status and block status.
  • Cost Optimization
    Because it is charge only for parts of service used, cost can be optimized. There is no need for preceding investments prepared for sudden increases in traffic, etc.
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Easy to use in 2 steps
  • User registration
  • Register WAF setting information in WafCharm
Automatic operation of your AWS WAF will begin!


Basic charge (tax not included)


per 1 WebACL

  • Entry


    $0/ month

  • Entry


    $450/ month

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User's voice

Aucfan Co.,Ltd. (TSE Mothers))
Director. Yoshiji Shimji , Infrastructure Technology Division
We feel that WafCharm is a service that enables optimal AWS WAF operation for our company without taking time and effort. Even when a false detection occurs, the corresponding rule can be confirmed on the AWS console screen, and we are happy for being able to deal with detailed tuning for each individual rule. In the managed rule set I think that it is perfect service for users like us who have problems of individual correspondence.