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AWS for beginners

WAF for Beginners

【Table of contents】

  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. What is AWS?
  3. 3. What is WAF?
  4. 4. Conclusion
  • 1. Overview

    In order to operate web applications, it is necessary to be prepared for all kinds of attacks from the network.
    In particular, measures by "WAF" are important, as it is possible to entrust the role of protecting your content from various threats such as malicious access and unauthorized login.
    WAF is also available on AWS, the famous cloud computing service, so you can incorporate its convenient security system into your own content.
    In this article, we'd like to give you an overview of AWS and WAF and show you how useful they are.
    If you are concerned about the security of your web content, consider implementing a WAF with reference to this.

  • 2. What is AWS?

    AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is also known for its ability to use WAF, is a web service provided by Amazon.com, a major e-commerce site.

    It uses the know-how of IT infrastructure that was originally implemented in-house at Amazon.com to solve business challenges, and supports a variety of web-centric worries.

    It's a form of cloud computing available on the web, so users can save time preparing for their IT business and get immediate results.

    AWS services have been deployed since March 2006 and has millions of monthly active customers, supporting the IT sector of enterprises around the world.
    In Japan, many companies have implemented AWS, and it is expected to spread even further in the future.

    AWS has a lot of features, so you can get a lot of advantages by implementing it.

    For example, connections made up of independent regions, availability zones, and transit centers provide fault tolerance and high availability to deal with network troubles and thus support continuous operation of web content.

    In addition, AWS will continue to improve and expand its services by listening to the voices of users, so there is a possibility that more attractive features will be implemented in the future.
    To date, more than 3,000 new services have been provided and improved, and about 95% of them have been developed based on user feedback.

    Communicating opinions using AWS may lead to more convenient web services in the future.

    And one of the major attractions of AWS is the security features that protect the safety of the application.
    An application firewall called "AWS WAF" solves security problems and helps you keep your web content in operation in a proper manner.

    The security rules are customizable and it is attractive that you can practice the blocks according to your needs.
    It can deal with well-known attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, as well as limited attacks on specific applications.
    Although AWS WAF has many advantages, it is recommended to learn more about WAF in order to understand its fundamental appeal and features.
    Understand what WAF means and try to use it to protect your web content.

  • 3. What is WAF?

    WAF stands for "Web Application Firewall".
    It is a security measure to protect against attacks with web application vulnerabilities, and it is characterized by handling problems such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

    Unlike general firewalls, it can take security measures at the web application level, so it can be installed in front of a web server or database to inspect communications and block unauthorized access.
    If there is a problem, the administrator will be notified of the information, so you can take action quickly.

    There is an image that security measures are carried out by large companies that own a lot of important information, but the number of attacks targeting small and medium-sized companies has been increasing recently, and every company, regardless of the size of its business, needs to take care of its security.

    Regardless of the size of the company, companies with little awareness of security are more likely to be targeted, so a full-scale measures using WAF will be required in the future.

    A WAF basically determines access by a definition file called "Signature" to provide security protection.
    Signature describes malicious attack patterns related to web applications, and is characterized by scrutinizing the requested access to the server or database, and blocking or disabling it according to the situation.
    The basic operation of WAF is to use this signature to provide automatic protection and ensure security.

    • a) Advantages of using WAF

      There are many advantages to implementing a WAF, and sometimes you can get many advantages after you start using it.
      Especially if you are using AWS to enhance your web content, the advantages of WAF will increase and will be a plus for your own services.
      To find out the significance of using WAF, it is recommended to pay particular attention to the following points.

      If a vulnerability is found, it can be prevented immediately
      By installing WAF in advance and preparing the security environment, you can recover even in the unlikely event of a vulnerability.

      Even if an unforeseeable vulnerability is found, it is possible to read the attack pattern from outside to some extent and prevent it, so you can rest assured against sudden threats.

      There is a time lag before the vulnerability is resolved, and in the meantime, it can lead to significant problems with web content.
      WAF also helps prevent zero-day attacks before such a fix is provided, so it is possible to operate in anticipation of the future.
      There are many patterns of malicious attacks hidden in the network, and sometimes they create gaps in your supposedly well-prepared security environment.
      WAF will be indispensable as a preparation for such worst-case scenarios.

      It is possible to do things that firewalls cannot do
      WAF offers a number of advantages that a firewall to the network layer cannot provide.
      For example, a port-controlled firewall will not prevent SQL injection or cross-site scripting that are hidden inside the communication, and in some cases may pose threats.
      That's why a system like WAF is necessary and if you already have a firewall, it's desirable to use it together.

      As you can see, there are advantages that can be experienced only with WAF, so it is recommended to introduce it to many businesses.
      Overconfidence, such as “It's okay because the security system is already in place”, can be dangerous when it comes to web content operation.
      Please check WAF to be prepared for security emergencies.

  • 4. Conclusion

    WAF will become an indispensable part of the security measures for operating web content in the future.
    Please take this opportunity to check out the appeal and necessity of WAF and consider implementing it in earnest.
    WAF is also provided by AWS, so you can use it with other services.
    There are so many advantages that we recommend you to use AWS as a whole.


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