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AWS for beginners

S3 for Beginners

【Table of contents】

  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. What is AWS?
  3. 3. What is S3?
  4. 4. Conclusion
  • 1. Overview

    There are a lot of useful functions when using AWS, but the one we would like to check out is a service called "S3".
    By making good use of S3, a basic AWS feature, you will be able to achieve business improvement and efficiency.
    In this article, we will check AWS's S3 service and explain its appeal and specific advantages.
    If you plan to use AWS, this is a good time to take a look at S3.

  • 2. What is AWS?

    AWS is a cloud computing service provided by "Amazon.com", which is familiar on EC sites.
    AWS, which supports a variety of businesses using the cloud, is becoming an indispensable part of the efficiency of IT-based operations and business expansion.
    The advantages of fault tolerance and high availability will help you continue to use it, so you may be able to proceed with your business with AWS as the main axis.

    AWS is already in use around the world, and many companies are adopting the system.
    With applications in all areas of storage, networking, database use, application development, and data analytics, AWS is not limited to the target audience.

    In addition, because there is a fee system that charges only for what you use, and the ability to try it out for free, you can easily incorporate it into your current business.
    If AWS appeals to you, it's easy to get started now.

  • 3. What is S3?

    S3 is one of the functions included in the AWS service and is an abbreviation for "Amazon Simple Storage Service".
    It's a type of object storage service that allows you to store your data without worrying about data capacity.
    Since objects can be moved in and out in file units, they can be used freely depending on the situation, which allows more flexible data storage is a feature of this system.
    If you are running out of data storage capacity for your entire business, or if you want a medium that can be used to analyze and store abundant data, then AWS S3 will appeal to you.

    It's already being used by companies around the world and has millions of application data stored in it.
    As the storage service has become so prevalent that major corporations rely on it, you can expect S3 to continue to improve its convenience and become an essential part of any business.

    • a) Advantages of S3

      Since S3 has a lot of unique features, so you can get the following advantages, for example.

      Flexible storage function
      The biggest attraction of S3 is its flexible storage function.
      Storage is automatically expanded and reduced eliminating the need to calculate the exact capacity in advance or need to invest in extra resources upfront.
      As well as being a simple backup destination, it can also be used to separate files before and after processing, to deliver static files from S3, etc.
      If you handle a huge amount of data properly, S3’s cloud storage will be a big attraction.

      High durability and availability
      The fact that it can be used securely and continuously is a very important point in any cloud-based service.
      S3 has built a highly robust system, so you can expect the durability and availability to last a long time.
      AWS S3 is designed to provide 99.999999999% (9 x 11) durability for all objects, making it possible to use your data securely.
      Protected from failures, errors, and various threats, S3 is the best place to manage your valuable data and highly sensitive information.

      Low cost operation
      The price of S3 is determined by referring to the actual amount of storage, the number of requests, and the data transfer fee.
      In other words, you will be charged only for what you use, so you can use the service with consideration of cost.
      There is no minimum fee, so you'll be able to start using it easily.
      S3 also uses storage class analysis to check the access patterns of stored data and tells you which data should be moved to lower cost storage.
      You can also set it to delete after a certain amount of time, so you will be able to use a huge amount of data efficiently with S3.

      Distribution of static file
      If you want to distribute only static content such as a corporate site, you can use a static hosting service that publishes the data directly from S3.
      You can immerse yourself in the creation of content without having to worry about monitoring work on the server or recovery due to server down.
      It can be used to reduce the load on the site due to the huge amount of access, so it is recommended to build with S3 in advance if necessary.

      Abundant tools and functions
      There are many other useful tools and unique functions in S3, so you can build a system that is useful in all aspects.
      The following functions, for example, make S3 an even more useful system.

      ・ Storage class analysis: An analysis tool based on access patterns
      ・ Lifecycle policy: A system that automatically moves objects based on rules
      ・ Cross-region replication: Copying and synchronizing data to another region
      ・ Object lock: The function to save each object and prevent it from being deleted.
      ・ Inventory: Visualization of stored objects, metadata, encryption status, etc.

      The ability to work with all tools is a good reason to use S3.

    • b) How to use S3?

      The basic usage of S3 can be roughly followed by the following steps.

      ・ Select "S3" in AWS Management Console.
      ・ Click the "Create Bucket" button.
      ・ Enter information such as the name of the bucket to be created, the region, and the copy of the settings.
      ・ Bucket option settings
      ・ Specify access to the bucket.
      ・ Confirmation of contents

      Upload the file to the bucket created in the above flow by following the steps below.

      ・ Select "Upload" in the overview.
      ・ Specify the file to be uploaded.
      ・ Set access permissions and properties as needed.
      ・ Click "Upload" to add it to the object.

      The functions of S3 can be used from a simple flow like this.
      Once you get used to it, you'll be able to use S3 smoothly in your day-to-day work.
      S3 can be used for backup, disaster preparedness, archive use, big data analysis, and many other applications.
      Take this opportunity to check out how to use S3 and be prepared to use it without panicking when you decide to implement it.

  • 4. Conclusion

    AWS's S3 is a service that provides storage functions that are essential for data management and analysis.

    If you're thinking about using your data for business purposes and making good use of it in the future, we recommend implementing S3.

    S3, which is Multifunctional and inexpensive, is recommended not only for companies that want to manage their data with cloud storage, but also for companies that want to change their data management method for the time being.
    S3, which is already in operation at many sites, is expected to continue to develop and evolve further in the future, so why not take this opportunity to consider implementing it?


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