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Managed Rules for Beginners

【Table of contents】

  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. What is AWS WAF?
  3. 3. What are Managed Rules?
  4. 4. Conclusion
  • 1. Overview

    AWS WAF, a security service provided by AWS, has an attractive "Managed Rules" that support its use.
    If you're already using AWS WAF, or a company planning to establish a security system in the future, we recommend that you check out the managed rules in detail.
    While managed rules can be used by anyone, it is difficult to take advantage of them if you don't understand their features properly.
    Here you can review the managed rules from the basics and experience the benefits of AWS WAF when using it.

  • 2. What is AWS WAF?

    AWS WAF is a service that provides security measures to block attacks that exploit the vulnerabilities of web applications.
    It is known as one of the services provided by a major online shopping site, Amazon.com, called AWS (Amazon Web Services).
    AWS WAF can protect web applications from attacks that exploit major vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
    By customizing the rules, you can change them into effective defense measures against specific attack patterns, so you can use AWS WAF to support various security patterns.

    New rules can be deployed immediately, providing you the security you need quickly.
    In order to keep up with the ever-changing security environment, a flexible service such as AWS WAF is recommended.

    AWS WAF offers a variety of advantages, including the following

    ・ Protection by filtering based on user-created rules
    ・ Ensuring safety in application development
    ・ Easy to deploy and maintain for smooth use.
    ・ Cost-effective security protection

    With AWS WAF, users can create rules as needed to protect their web applications, allowing them to build a security environment against a variety of threats in addition to common attack patterns.
    You'll be able to build a secure execution environment for application development from the beginning, and maintenance and changes can be performed smoothly with simple deployment.

    If you are planning to enhance the security of your web content from now on, you may want to consider implementing AWS WAF in earnest.

    AWS WAF is a pay-as-you-go system, so you only pay for the service you actually use.
    Therefore, it is possible to use a high security system with a small start without having to spend unnecessary costs.

    Since customization is self-service, users can choose whether they want the minimum functionality or whether it needs to be improved to fit the system.

    AWS WAF calculates the cost for each use of the system, so it's easy to control even if you're on a budget.

    In addition to these advantages, AWS WAF comes with a system called Managed Rules.
    By taking advantage of this managed rules, you can expect the convenience of AWS WAF to be further enhanced.
    Use the following to review the basics of managed rules and check out their advantages.

  • 3. What are Managed Rules?

    A managed rule is a set of rules in which various settings such as conditions and filters are managed by AWS, which allows you to use a special security system if you introduce it.
    There are specialized defense systems against various attacks and they are easily available from AWS WAF, and each managed rule can be freely selected and introduced by users, so it is important to create an appropriate environment for each system.

    Normally, when using AWS WAF, it was necessary for the users to create their own rules for the attacks they want to defend against.
    Basically, it had to be managed manually one by one, so the time and cost from configuration to verification was sometimes a huge burden.
    With managed rules, however, there is no need for users to create new rules, so you can implement strong security without the hassle.
    Since the setting is already completed, it's easy to use even if you don't have a lot of security knowledge.
    If you're still unfamiliar with how to use AWS WAF, it's a good idea to take advantage of the managed rules to ensure your security.

    • a) Advantages of Managed Rules

      By introducing managed rules, AWS WAF becomes an even more convenient and easy to use security system.
      For example, the following points will be of great benefit to you in using the managed rules.

      ・ Attractive rules managed by security experts
      ・ It is easy to start using
      ・ Various types of rules can be selected
      ・ Pay only for what you use

      Attractive rules administered by security experts
      Managed rules are created by security experts.
      Therefore, it is possible to expect appropriate countermeasures against various network threats and vulnerabilities.
      The rules that are created will be useful in many situations because the problematic elements of many users are being referenced.
      When a new vulnerability is discovered in the middleware or a new style of threat emerges, the managed rules are automatically updated by AWS sellers and put in place.
      This means that users can spend their time doing business as usual without having to deal with it on a case-by-case basis.

      Easy to start using
      Managed rules are a set of rules that are created and managed by AWS marketplace sellers, so users can take advantage of the features smoothly.
      Even if you're just starting to use AWS WAF, you can apply it with no problem, so you'll have a solid coverage of the points you're worried about.
      All rules can be deployed on the AWS WAF management infrastructure and you can specify which resources to protect using the AWS WAF console.
      To some extent, here are some parts that can be used intuitively, so even if you're using a system like AWS WAF for the first time, we recommend using managed rules.

      Various types of rules can be selected
      There are many different types of managed rules available, so users can make their own choices as needed.
      If you choose the type of protection rules that match the protection requirements of your system, you will be able to support your current environment in an appropriate manner.
      You can refer to the IP reputation list and OWASP Top 10, etc. for choosing, and you can also search for rules on specific platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.
      If you are looking for a unique system, you can count on Managing Dollars to do the same.
      If you need a highly unique system, you can count on managed rules to do the same.

      Pay as you go
      The pricing for the managed rules built into AWS WAF is pay-as-you-go, just like any other service.
      You only have to pay for what you actually use, so we recommend that you try to use only a small amount for trial.
      You don't have to separately register for expensive subscription services or sign up for AWS WAF separately, so you can easily proceed to use it.
      The managed rules are automatically updated, but there is no charge for every time there is a problem, the charge system that charges everything by the hour is also attractive.


  • 4. Conclusion

    The managed rules are a very attractive service when using the AWS WAF.
    Since various rules are registered, we recommend that you check those types once.
    Cybersecurity Cloud also provides a managed rule "HighSecurity OWASP Set" for AWS WAF to support a high level of security environment.
    Please take this opportunity to check the outline of "HighSecurity OWASP Set" as well.


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