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AWS for beginners

EC2 for Beginners

【Table of contents】

  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. What is AWS?
  3. 3. What is EC2?
  4. 4. Conclusion
  • 1. Overview

    In most cases, when you use AWS, you will probably use a service called "EC2".

    EC2 is a computing environment that can be applied in various ways, but if you understand the basics and characteristics of its functions, you will be able to use it more effectively.

    In this article, we will explain the basics of EC2 in AWS and check the advantages and easy usage.
    If you are planning to use AWS, we recommend that you check out the appeal of EC2 as well.

  • 2. What is AWS?

    AWS refers to "Amazon Web Services".
    AWS, the cloud computing system on the web provided by Amazon.com, a leading e-commerce site, has a reputation for providing a comfortable web environment and a foundation for efficiency for various businesses.
    When using cloud computing, which now functions as a single infrastructure, AWS will be one of the candidates.

    The practicality of AWS is very high because it is based on the system that Amazon.com used to use internally.
    Although Microsoft and Google also offer cloud computing, AWS has a high market share among them and has penetrated the world with its overwhelming popularity.
    Since a high market share = a large number of users, AWS is characterized by a rich share of information.
    The fact that questions such as "How to utilize cloud computing?" and "There are things I don't understand about how to use AWS" can be easily resolved will be an opportunity to start using it.
    The existence of cloud computing is still highly specialized, so it can sometimes be difficult to use it and solve problems.
    With AWS, however, you can find the information you need from the developer community, free online seminars, and a variety of other web outlets.
    Of course, AWS itself is also well supported, so even companies with no experience in cloud computing will be able to start using it with confidence.
    If you're looking to expand your business or increase your efficiency and decide that cloud computing is what you need, we recommend that you first check the appeal of AWS.

  • 3. What is EC2?

    EC2, which stands for "Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud," is one of the systems available on AWS.
    The feature is that you can build a virtual server on AWS and use it freely, and it will play various roles in your cloud environment.
    Up until now, physical servers were built in the data center, but since you can now build a virtual server from the web with just a few clicks, which is expected to contribute to the efficiency of your business.

    As the word Elastic, meaning elasticity, the appeal of EC2 is the ability to change the specifications according to user's needs.
    The computing capacity can easily deal with insufficient specifications and disk capacity problems that tend to occur during continuous use, so long-term operation can be considered.

    EC2 handles virtual servers in units called "instances".
    There are various types and capabilities of instance, so they can be used in any way the user wants.
    By using multiple instances and splitting the virtual server, you will be able to operate in consideration of availability and reliability.

    Instances allow you to flexibly build a web infrastructure environment, making it easier to respond when you need to increase the number of servers or when improvements are required in order to improve efficiency.
    In addition, instances can be easily copied and deleted, so you can maintain a speedy work level.
    If you are developing a new service, you can use the characteristics of this instance to smooth the process from development to publication.

    Standard operating systems such as Linux and Windows can be used for the virtual server, and it is also a feature that the server is built and installed automatically.
    In addition, the login information for the instance using key pairs is securely managed, and it does not cause additional concerns to the user.
    The psychological advantages of ease of use and security are also reasons to use EC2 on AWS.

    • a) Advantages of EC2

      By using AWS's EC2, users can get the following advantages.

      ・ Easy specification changes
      ・ The cost advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing
      ・ Speedy construction reduces time
      ・ Easy redundancy

      All of which will be attractive advantages to many companies and will help them to seek out the ideal style of virtual server operations.

      Easy specification changes
      The biggest attraction of EC2 is the simple function to change the server specifications.
      The ability to flexibly change the required specifications, which fluctuate greatly depending on the content, will be a major advantage in server operation.

      You can change the specifications of the server (CPU, memory, etc.) and the required number of servers, so you can deal with both simply increasing the capacity and dividing the functions.

      If these changes were to be made on a physical server, the time and cost would be significant, so the flexibility of EC2 will continue to add value.
      There is also an auto-scale function that automatically increases or decreases the number of virtual servers, so you can keep a certain amount of load on the server even if it is suddenly overloaded.

      Cost advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing
      Since EC2 is basically a pay-as-you-go system, you will be billed for what you actually use.
      When you want to reduce the cost of server operation, you can take measures such as shutting down unnecessary servers to increase the cost benefit when using them.
      If you want to use a virtual server for a short period of time, EC2 will allow cost-oriented operation.

      EC2 offers three different pricing options that users can freely choose from.
      It is recommended that you check the features of each type of service in advance, as the deals vary depending on the frequency and purpose of use.

      ・ On-demand instance
      This is a pay-as-you-go style that charges depending on the server usage time.
      This is a good choice when you only want to use it for a short time or for a limited time, or when you want to start operating a virtual server on a trial basis.

      ・ Reserved instance
      This is a method of setting up the operating time in advance and pay the fee upfront.
      This can be useful when you want to use an instance all the time, but don't want to go over budget.

      ・ Spot instance
      This is a great way to take advantage of compute resources that aren't used in AWS.
      There are conditions, but up to a 90% discount is available, so it's recommended if you're looking for a cost-conscious experience.

      Speedy configuration reduces time
      When using physical servers that require hardware configuration, it is not uncommon to experience a time lag of several days to complete the configuration, but systems built with EC2 can be started up in just a few minutes.
      Therefore, it can be conveniently used even in businesses that require speed.
      Given the current situation of such virtual servers, EC2's ability to provide an environment at an overwhelming speed is a clear benefit to businesses.

      Easy redundancy
      Since virtual servers can be easily templated and replicated, you can achieve stable server operation by preparing multiple servers in advance.
      Redundancy allows you to distribute the load and maintain the overall environment even if a system failure occurs, so it is possible to operate the server while preparing for an emergency.

    • b) How to EC2?

      The setup for using EC2 is as follows.
      ・ Sign up for AWS.
      ・ Select "Launch Instance" from the Amazon EC2 console.
      ・ Launch the first instance according to the startup wizard.

      That's the basic way to start using it, so once you get used to it, you'll be able to apply virtual servers smoothly.

  • 4.Conclusion

    If you're using AWS, it is recommended that you also look at the EC2 virtual server system and take full advantage of its benefits.
    With virtual servers, it is possible to increase efficiency and further expand services.
    Take advantage of the cloud services and computing resources offered by Amazon.com to try out new businesses.
    EC2 has a free trial, so it is recommended that you try it out for a while.


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