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“WafCharm for AWS Marketplace” Pay-As-You-Go version is scheduled for a release

Thank you for your continued support for WafCharm.

Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. announced that a Pay-As-You-Go version of "WafCharm for AWS Marketplace" will be launched in the future.

WafCharm has been sold on the AWS Marketplace since November 2022 to support solving AWS WAF operation challenges and provide high level protection of applications' security.

While the product has been well received, the launch of "WafCharm for AWS Marketplace" Pay-As-You-Go version has been decided to meet the wide needs of the customers.

The Pay-As-You-Go version allows the customers to use "WafCharm for AWS Marketplace" for a short period of time or temporarily, which optimizes AWS WAF operation by tailoring to the circumstances of systems development and website development for many customers.

In addition, payment can be smoothly completed because the usage fee will be added to the AWS usage fee. The Pay-As-You-Go version's usage fee is postpaid based on how much the services have been used every month instead of prepaid, reducing the load on complicated price management tasks.

The Pay-As-You-Go version is planned to be released on June 1st, 2023.


Pricing of "WafCharm for AWS Marketplace" Pay-As-You-Go version

Pricing of "WafCharm for AWS Marketplace" Pay-As-You-Go version


Main features of "WafCharm for AWS Marketplace"

1. Automation of optimized rules
WafCharm automatically configures and updates rules and can handle the management of those rules. Other than the configured rules, requests are re-matched to hundreds of signatures. Attacks detected by the re-matching feature will be automatically added to the blacklist every five minutes.

2. 24/7/365 Technical Support
WafCharm comes with 24/7/365 Technical Support. Customers can rely on the support team whether there are false positives or require rule customizations and new rules creations.

3. Web monitoring feature included
FQDNs registered on WafCharm is determined as monitoring targets to be crawled everyday for signs of tampering. When DNS failure is detected, URLs to attacker's websites are detected, or deprecated/compromised HTTPS connection configurations are detected, email notifications are sent to registered email addresses.

4. Implementation to payment are all done in AWS
WafCharm can be purchased on the AWS Marketplace in just a few clicks. After purchasing, customers can start using WafCharm immediately because dedicated equipment or DNS modifications are unnecessary. Additionally, WafCharm's usage fees are added in the AWS usage fees and charged at the same time, simplifying the payment process and management tasks.

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