Interview with Tom, the founder of Eagles & Angels LTD

  • What were the challenges faced in terms of security?

    As E&A is a transactional website and is very competitive amongst various collectors all over the world, there are a slew of issues on security and performance optimization.

    For example, since our website is using WordPress, our website is also constantly being reckoned for vulnerabilities due to the popularity of WordPress.

    Also our system with WooCommerce can get very slow and would even crash in some cases due to the heavy traffic particularly on limited SKU releases.

  • Why did you choose WafCharm to overcome the challenges faced?

    After going through various solutions, packages, and services, we tried almost all the solutions we could sign up for. And WafCharm came out to be the most fitting and cost-effective solution.

    WafCharm provides signatures and rules which protect our system from the vulnerabilities of WordPress. The rules are also automatically updated in order to respond to the new vulnerabilities.

    WafCharm also tracks IP addresses of malicious or fake traffic so that we can easily block unwanted IP addresses as well as perform due diligence on non-proxy IP addresses which leads us to competitor agencies and known culprits.

    The implementation of WafCharm is not difficult: the solution did not require any changes and modifications on our Google Analytics implementation, while the security layer does not affect or compromise our performance.

    Lastly, WafCharm also provides a full set of signatures and rules that we can easily see and present to our customers.

  • What are the benefits from implementing WafCharm?

    WafCharm strengthens the security of our system and protects us from attacks, especially those attacks targeting the vulnerabilities of WordPress.

    We have also submitted our solution to our business insurance that met the requirements for compliance.